Sunday, 1 June 2008

As promised

I just thought I'd pop a quick post up because I promised that I'd let you take a peek at river's new quilt and curtains. They're nothing fancy but hey I'm getting there lol



Shirley said...

I love his curtains and cover. whats more i know my son would to and hes 8. like the way the cover is not the same as the curtains but matches all the same.

Lavender stamper said...

Hi Karen
I love the quilt cover material, beach huts are on of my favourite things, we live in Norwich which is quite close well 30 miles from Southwold ( my spacial awareness is awful ) Southwold if you dont know is very famous for its beautiful beach huts. When I get up there again I will take some pictures and post them on my blog & let you know.
the beach huts sell for just under 100k.
Well I can dream.
Take care

Anonymous said...