Sunday, 5 April 2009

Candles, tilda's, cath kidston, crochet and basically playing catchup

Sorry my posts seem to be few and far between at the moment I've been doing a bit of voluntary work for my son's pre school of late namely making cakes, cleaning toy's and crafting with the children.

I bought this box of dolls home to clean up before we go back to school in two week's I wasn't planning on doing it straight away however river had other idea's so they were cleaned and dressed that afternoon. He thoroughly enjoyed himself playing with the doll's ( shhhh don't tell daddy hehehe)Although he was a little baffled as to why they didn't all have willies lol.

Anyway I promised to show you what I've been making over the last few week's and in a huge effort to use up some of my stash instead of just buying more here's what I came up with...


I bought these tea cups in the sale a few week's back (not that we use or are ever likely to use tea cups but I just liked them) anyway whilst I was being made to sort out my craft stash I came across a little candle making kit and so hubby and I ( yes he does like to join in ocasionally lol) set to it and our little tea cup candle's were born. They now sit looking pretty in my kitchen.

Do you remember my naked little bunny rabbit I showed you a few posts back. well here she is with her new dress.

This however started me off on a tilda addiction. Have we all seen the tilda book's? If not go and find out about them now lol. So now I have a little collection growing...

and I have another few tilda projects on my to do list so watch this space lol

Cath kidston

I got this cath kidston cowboy print fabric because.... well because I fell in love with it and thought it'd look great in river's room so here's what I've done with it so far...

I also made a small laundry bag (which river has decided is actually for keeping his favorite toy's in lol) and a small lavender hangy thingy for him to hand on his bedside cabinet both of which I forgot to take photo's of.
I still have approx half a meter of this fabric left has anyone got any ideas of what I could make with it please?


Anyone that has known me and read my blog for a while now will now how often I have moaned about being unable to crochet well you'll never guess what .....

Thanks to lucy over at attic 24

her inspirational blog and her very simple to understand tutorials I have now mastered the art of crochet yipeeee!!!
so we now have one crochet pot holder, one crochet blanket ( although a little bit wobbly in places lol) for river's bed and the start of another blanket.

Hama beads

Hubby and I sat for a few hours last night ( well maybe more like 3/4 hours lol) playing with the hama beads our aim was to make a picture placemat to fit on top of rivers bedside cabinet and well .....
Tadaaaa lol

And for my next trick ...

Mother bought some spiderman curtains at her local car boot sale for my nephew they were the right width but too long so she had them taken up and well....
" Please karen can you make something for him with the leftovers"
.... of course I can mum so the other day she traveled down with my little sister and gave me this ...

Two 16" x 67" pieces. I have thought of the usual coshions and laundry bag type ideas and I do have a nice plain red cotton fabric in my stash that I can mix with it but once again please does anyone have any thoughts on what else I could do with it?
Anyway I have probably bored you enough now. It's past 12 oclock and hubby has gone to bed without me so I'll say goodnight and will try harder to post a bit more often ( although it is the easter holidays and river is off school for two whole weeks lol)
Hope you are all well
speak to you soon