Saturday, 10 May 2008

we're going on a picnic !!!

We've decided that we're actually going to do something this weekend. We are going to take river to a place called farmer palmers. we've never been before but it looks great on the website I'm sure river will love it!!!

Anyway we decided that we'd have a picnic whilst we are there
(Cause hubby make's a fantastic picnic) So I thought I'd make a little contribution. What do you think?

I've also got another batch of flapjacks in the oven but they've got another 15 mins to go yet

Gotta go now cause that rather large pile of Ironing is calling me !!!!

Speak to you all soon


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The Governess said...

Hi Karen, there's some yummy looking goodies here! Thanks so much for your comment about the birth of my wee boy! Do you think I can find a manual about growing him into a fine young man?! Ha!