Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Got lot's to tell you!!!

I know it's only been 4 days since I last posted but I feel like I have so much to tell you so I'm afraid this could be a rather long post lol

Anyway we all got up early on Sunday and it was another lovely day so we decided to got and have a wander round the local car boot sale. It's not something we do very often but I'm glad we went because take a look at what I came home with!!!

Two complete Disney cushion knitting kit's!! The lady only wanted £2 each for them but hubby being hubby he managed to get the 2 kit's for £3!! I don't know when I'm gonna get time to do them but I couldn't not buy them at that price even if they sit in my shed for a couple of years.
Then a little further on I spotted this...

She only wanted 50p it's a bit of an odd L shape but it's a nice size and I'm sure I'll find something to do with it lol

Oh and whilst were on the subject of bargains Hubby and I went into town yesterday and we spotted this...

I spotted him, wanted him then hubby pointed out that it was only £2.50 in the sale so Hubby grabbed him and bought him for me ( thank you hunni)

Sock monkeys
The other day whilst blog hopping I came across a tutorial for making a monkey out of a pair of socks So I thought I'd have a go. I was up till 1 am this morning making him (I'm still a little slow on the sewing machine lol) But I think he was worth it, What do you think?

River's first words this morning were " funky monkey" as he ran away with him neatly tucked under his arm. That was swiftly followed by hubby's comment " I guess you'll be making two more of those then"
" why two" I answered
" Cause I want one too! " he said with a child like grin on his face
So whilst I was in town today I picked up...

...........Some more stripy socks ( Gotta keep the kid's happy haven't we lol)

River's quilt

River's been needing a new quilt for a while now but I just couldn't decide what sort of theme to go for until yesterday whilst I was tidying his bedroom I spotted these.....

It's a Boat themed mobile that hubby made last summer and a cross stitch picture of kipper the dog building a sand castle that I had done for him some time ago. So today Whilst I was in town I popped into the craft store and bought this...

So River's gonna have a beach themed bedroom for the summer ( hope he likes it)

Oh and whilst I was there I spotted this...

I had never seen it before It's 100% wool The basic Idea is that you knit with it then wash it at 60 to produce a nice felt like material. So me being me couldn't resist it and bought three colours to have a play about with.

If anyone has any tips or advice for me about this product I would be very grateful!!!

Anyway I think half of you are probably dying of bordum by now so I'll close for now and I'll speak to you all later.


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Meridian Ariel said...

hi! looks like you got saddled with me as a partner for the Kitchen swap on Sarah's Pink-petal-designs! I shall have a good nosey around your blog and e-mail you a little later. my email is meridianariel@hotmail.com