Friday, 11 December 2009

Silent night

How are we all today.

Well river's fast asleep and hubby's in the bath so I thought I'd take a few minute's out to share some christmas pic's with you......


bekimarie said...

Lovely hun, ours are going up tomorrow, can't wait.
Decorate the tree whilst watching X factor and drinking baileys of course ;)
OH said he's not helping as he doesn't want the rows we had last year, we didn't speak for 3 days lol.
It's not that i'm fussy or anything 'hehe'.
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

p.s can you email me your addy again hun so I can get a card off to you xx

Florence and Mary said...

Looks fabulous! Mum did our try... I may be 30 but i'm still not allowed to decorate the tree! LOL!

Victoria xx

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo your decorations look lovely :) Thanks for sharing and the presents look beautiful all wrapped up, any for you there ;)

Yes it is certainly feeling like Christmas but I really am chasing my tail this year, too much time spent on here methinks ;) We are going to deliver some presents to my family who live about an hour away and are going for the weekend, thing is we ain't bought the presents yet, better get busy ;)

The little raggy heart I made for you looks right at home in your very pretty one :)




Auntie Cake said...

Your tree looks so cheery and festive! Love the bunting above it. Did you make it? Your home looks so cozy and Christmasy. Trying to get mine there. IT would help if I could clean the thing first...

Kelly said...

Lovely Decorations!!!
Oh and love the tune, I was singing along to myself reading your posts!!!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Libbie said...

It was fun to have a peek around! & you are so craft you probably made every single thing! You probably even made that hutch :) Or the pitcher :)

I love the red pitcher! Oh & the gingerbreads with the hearts...oh & ...okay so I loved it all -I am not just being nice either-It all made me smile!

Isn't it nice when they are sleeping :) Mine are too actually & it is heavenly!

I am feeling the need to make some bunting -is that what you call those little triangles? They are way cute!!! Maybe in January when things slow down a but...this weekend was CRAZY! Hope you guys had fun!

Janean said...

so festive!!! it looks great that all your gift wrapping matches too! merry Christmas.

Tillyboo said...

Pink cheered me up. Thanks for your kind words xx

LissyLou said...

Hi Karen, i didn't make the mince pie decoration - it's lovely isn't it? i got it from a craft fair 2 years ago - i'm afraid i'm not sure who. x

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Karen,
Hope your family is well and that you are ready for Christmas. (I would never say that to a man, hehehe...) I am still running through the stores like a crazy woman. Today was spent baking. Hopefully there will be some treats left by Christmas. Give that sweet River a kiss, Libbie tells me River and Bo are more alike than pictures tell us!!!

Libbie said...

I was just looking through my sidebar & I thought "I should go have a peek at those fresh flowers & Gingerbread again to cheer me up" So here I am ...stalking your flowers & I better go clean!

Floss said...

That's looking so good, Karen! My house looks good thanks to your lovely bird and stocking, which are hanging on the posts at the bottom of our stairs. These are seen as you walk in the front door, and I am so pleased with them.

made with love said...

Your decs look lovely karen. Hope the christmas plans are falling into place.
There's something for you on my blog.
Rachael XX

made with love said...

lol, I know how much you love doing them. Heehee.
You are bad as me forgetting the camera. I forgot it for Josephs play. Luckily there was an evening performance too so managed to get a second chance.
Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas.
Love Rachael XX

Libbie said...

Hey Karen!

How are you doing!? I just thought I would stop by & say hello...hope all is well with you guys! It sure has been crazy around here! :)