Friday, 22 January 2010

A new begining

Hello there! How are we all? Did you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year? Yes, yes, I know, we are three quarters of the way through January and I've only just got round to speaking to you all but all will be revealed very soon I promise.

Well for me the end of 2009 bought with it Lot's of depressed feelings and the feeling of being well kinda "stuck", you know that "same shit, different day" kinda feeling when you get stuck into a routine where your not particularly happy or contented but you carry on regardless because..... well.... that's just the way things are (Am I making sense or am I the only one who gets like this lol). So over the last few week's I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to pull myself out of it and decided to try and shake things up a little, make some changes and maybe set myself a few challenges along the way.
So What have I actually done about it? I hear you ask. Well yesterday saw me start my new voluntary job at river's pre school. It's just one day a week (Thursdays) doing art's and crafts with the children. It gets me out of the house and besides, getting covered in paint and being called river's mummy all day ain't that bad hehehe.
Last night Hubby and I called in a neighbour to babysit ( something we never do ) and headed out to

Where the man himself was cooking and indeed serving a rather delicious stew.

( so delicious that hubby just had to go back and try the vegetarian option too hehehe)

We also picked up a copy of this whilst we were there ............

and me being the shy kinda girl that I am, sent hubby up to ask Hugh to sign it and this is what he came back with.......

Those of you that know hubby and I well will know that hubby is the cook in our house. I can bake, if you want cake's, cookies or bread I'm your girl but I'm afraid if you want a decent meal then you'll have to turn to hubby lol. So Yes you've guessed it I have been inspired to TRY and be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen and fingers crossed produce and edible meal of two along the way lol.

I'm also considering a couple of crafty challenges too but I haven't quite decided on that yet. Maybe a granny a day/ Try something new ? Not sure yet I'll keep you posted on that one.

OK so are you all still with me? still awake ? Yep .... well done .... only a bit more to go, I promise.

So after talking to a certain lovely lady from across the pond I discovered that although I have a blog full of pictures of this and that, my blog doesn't actually tell you guy's anything about ME So I'm gonna make a few changes here too ( if that's OK with you guy's) My blog is currently all about the things that I have made with a few extra bit's chucked in so what about a bit more of the real stuff. River and I are always doing something or other so what about showing you a bit more of what he's made or where we've been and how about showing you a bit more of where we live. So how about it guy's let's have some idea's here what would you like to see on my little old blog???? I'd be interested to know what you think.

OK so I think I'll leave it there just know I will try my best to blog again over the weekend. I do have some chickeny news to share with you but I think I'll leave that for another day.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

PS I will try my best to catch up with all your blogs as soon as I can.


bekimarie said...

Woo hoo, great to have you back hun.
I've been re thinking and trying to change my blog a little too. Just showing my makes and pretties all the time started to feel a little shallow and that wasn't what I wanted when I started blogging.
I want to share my life (ups and downs) with the kids although Jess seems to be doing so much of her own thing now it's mainly about my life with the little man.
I've also joined British Mummy Bloggers which I love and has led me to a lot of different blogs, more kiddie orientated, that might be what you're looking for. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Auntie Cake said...

Hey Karen,
Glad you are back!!! Fun new job, you will have to send us pictures all covered in paint... Throw some glitter in there too! Wish I could have a night on the town with my hubby at a good restaurant. I will have to think of something good that I want to know about you... HEHEHE...

Josie-Mary said...

Great to have you back Karen, I always feel like that at Christmas....when I'm waiting for the bus in the dark to take me to work :(
New year, new start....sounds like you're doing it....good for you!
Join my web site to share crafty tips & get advice, you don't have to come to the group to use it :)
Food sounds yummy, I hate cooking...OH is the chef in our house! x

VintageVicki said...

Have fun with all those little ones :)

Am envious as to where you went to eat AND you got to see him in the flesh too - lucky you :)

Vicki xxxx

made with love said...

Oh Karen I am so pleased to hear from you again. I was getting a bit worried. i know exactly what you mean about the "whats the point" feeling. I have been reading a lovely book called the crafters companion and they talk about it in there. Seems we are not alone.
Great news on the preschool thing. I love doing craft with kids. Especially if you can walk away from it too.
I am also REALLY impressed about your little meeting with Hugh. How fantastic. To see him cook as well must have been amazing.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Rachael XX

ImplausibleYarn said...

I'm envious you got to see him in the flesh! I don't think that will ever happen for me unless I make it to your side of the world.

Libbie said...

Hey there! I have missed you! Yes I made it through the whoel post without falling alseep :) You are too funny! I loved catching up! I feel like I have been in this ME ME bubble & I am so glad to be out of it.

I do think the weather right nnow could get anyone in a funk. Sounds like you totally are taking charge & doing your best to drive it out! I feel like that sometimes too :) It's just the clouds...I always blame them :) But yeah for you for starting some new things!

That was so cute to see River's name! He did a very good job! Those Rs are tricky! Good thing I named Bo Bo. No excuses for him :) I bet he loves having you at school!

What a fun date! I LOVE dates. I was just starting to enjoy dates again & Rocco was born...well I am sure I will bear to leave him soon too...not quite yet. I am weird like that :) But your date sounded wonderful! Cool that the chef signed your book! And now you can have all those meals whipped up for you by your own chef at home...have you tried any of the recipes yet?

One more thing & I will leave you alone...that dinner you made looked sooooooo good! I am on a diet & I am starving right now...but even if I wasn't...that still looked amazing :) Wow! Now I will hopefully dream of it tonight :) Off to bed! Good night!