Tuesday, 8 December 2009

apologies and Holiday pic's

Hiya ladies
I am so sorry That I've been so very slow in getting around to catching up with you all, things have been quite hectic here. I did survive my two day's crafting at pre-school last week only to be asked to do it all again this week ( why can't I just say no lol). So this week we will be making Christmas party hat's and next week I'll have the honour of making the cake's and mince pie's for the pre-school nativity play.
Anyway The reason I'm here is to bore you all with a couple of holiday snaps .........

The view from our hotel balcony on Monday morning. We were blessed with A glorious 19 degree's of sunshine for our entire trip.

A walk along the beach in calella.......

And a bit of shopping in .........

....... Barcelona.

Sorry for the short post I'm off to try and catch up on a bit of blog hopping

Speak to you all soon


made with love said...

Looks like you had fun Karen. NEVER volunteer in schools, you will never get out of there. Haha!!
Rachael xx

Libbie said...

Oh wow! What a wonderful week away! I can't even imagine! I have never been to Europe but when my kids get older I gotta get there!!!! Have you ever traveled to the U.S.?

Funny that you wrote about mischevious boys because River looks like an angel! I am sure everyone think Bo has been diagnoesed with many things but he is just a healthy crazy little boy :) Who could use a bit more supervision on his dad's watch...I am still blaming him :)

Isobel said...

Love your holiday pics!!
I hope all goes well with the school volunteering. And I hope you have a well deserved rest afterwards. :)

Floss said...

OOh, this looks wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that I've posted your Christmas Swap parcel today, and I have set aside tomorrow to finally open yours - I just wanted to be restrained until I'd finished everything in yours, so tomorrow I will let rip!

Florence and Mary said...

Looks fabulous and certainly different weather to here at the moment!

Victoria xx

MelMel said...

So sunny, not at all like blightly!

Lovely to read a new post on your blog, nice to see you back!xxx

bekimarie said...

Great to have you back hun, looks like you had a fab time!
Beki xxx

Floss said...

Karen I have opened your wonderful parcel and posted about it today! Please pop over to see your lovely gifts in the French sunshine, and to hear how very grateful I am for your great swap parcel!

Auntie Cake said...

Wow! Lucky you guys! So glad you got to get away for a bit. Beautiful pictures. Looks so sunny and warm. I am surprised you husband didn't show a bit of leg in the pic though! LOL!!!