Saturday, 7 November 2009

at 4pm (edit)

Hi every one how are we all today? Enjoying the weekend I hope.
With no work today I've spent the day doing the usual washing, ironing and poop scooping for the chickens. Just a normal, somewhat boring day ....... That is until 4 o'clock. I was just getting ready to tackle those dirty windows when ...........
"KNOCK KNOCK " Now my postman has an unmistakably loud knock so both river and I knew who it was and made a dash for the door hehehe.
Do you want to see what the postie bought?

Yep ........... OK then I did manage to hold back long enough to grab the camera so I'll show you....... One lovingly wrapped red parcel for me and one lovingly wrapped green parcel for river......

But who were these lovely parcels from ????????

They were from the lovely Rachel over at made with love and her three wonderful children as a thank you for the giveaway parcel I sent them at the beginning of the week. I do love the children's hand made card very much and it will be kept and cherished always.

.... so what was in our parcels........... Of course river just has to go first ..................

............. So what did ya get matey..................

A very trendy hat to keep him warm in the colder weather were having. Well let me tell you "WOW I LOVE IT" were the exact words he used.
and so now my turn, right .........................................


So what did I get then matey???

A very pretty string of hanging hearts that will be finding a home in my hallway very very soon.
Thank you soooooo very much rachel and the three wonderful children. It was totally unexpected and We really do love what you sent us. In fact here's another picture taken just a few minutes ago. It's river refusing to take his new hat off at the dinner table lol.

"Edit" OOPS sorry I forgot to add the last photo lol


made with love said...

Thanks for posting pics. River looks lovely in his hat. Also you have photographed the hearts nicely. Can I pinch that piccie for my blog? lol
Glad you liked them.
Rachael xx

Sarah said...

Does your boy have a knife and a fork in his hands?!! How did you manage to give him such wonderful table manners? I'm just grateful if my girls eat their dinner at all.

Love those presents! Those hearts are so beautiful. And is that a wonderful quilt you've photographed them on?

Elizabethd said...

What very nice gofts to receive. I love the little hearts.

Florence and Mary said...

Mr Postie knocked on my door this weekend.... with a parcel from YOU!

Thank you sooooo much for all the wonderful things you sent me. My mum and I were in awe as I unwrapped everything and I've been drinking my coffee all weekend out of my lovely mug and of course, Mr Penguin disappeared quite quickly.

Thank you again

Victoria xxx

Mary Poppins said...

What beautiful presents :) I have received some lovely gifts too, adorable and so well made. Thank you so much Karen, would it be alright to do a little blog on our little swap :) The quilted Blanket is perfect for DD's Rosy doll, she loves it and says thank you very, very much

Of course, the Rexinter Paper chains I bought from a shop, are a little pricey, though I saved my pennies :) There is 10 metres, so when you think of the CK ones at £4.00 for 3 metres, is good value really :)


You can buy them online here for £6.95


MelMel said...

Lovely hearts!
Just popped into say hi...I'll email soon!xxx

Polka Dot Daze said...

How lovely, I love those gingham hearts.
Also, just checking that you have contacted your swap partner for my Christmasy swap and everything is OK?

Kelly said...

Great hearts!
I still think he is an angel!!!