Friday, 6 November 2009

and the answer is.......

Well I must say that I'm surprised at just how many of you knew what it was and for those of you that didn't know .................

It is a knitting machine of course
I couple of week's ago I was having a flick around ebay looking into how much a second hand knitting machine was going to set me back. It's something I remember playing with as a child at my nan's house, she used to help us to make our own scarfs etc.
Anyway hubby mentioned this to his mum and she said " we'll I'm sure I've got one in the loft I'll post it down for you" and so here it is. I'm not sure exactly how old it is but the instruction booklets date between 1980 and 83 so It's about the same age as me.
I did atempt to have a play with it last night but unfortunatly I didn't get very far. most of the needle's have rusted to some degree and the top plate keep's sticking. I'm hoping that with a little bit of TLC I'll be able to get it working but for now it'll have to be packed away until I have a bit more time.

So there we have it...........
Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Ps I have been making things this week but unfortunatly It's all for christmas swap's so I really can't show you


Floss said...

Wow! I hope you can get it working. I still use my grandma's black and gold singer sewing machine, so there's hope!

made with love said...

Cool, hope you can get it working.
Rachael xx

Kelly said...

I'm sure with a bit of love you will get it going again xxxx
Good luck :)