Tuesday, 6 October 2009

One man's Junk ......

How are we all on what is yet another wet, dull day.

Yesterday I promised you all that I would show you something that I was a tad excited about so I thought I'd grab a few minutes this evening to tell you about it.

On Sunday we got a bit of de junking done in the garden, plastic flower pot's that accumulate and that deflated football that's been left on the lawn and the junk that just seems to breed in the shed, you know the sort of thing. So anyway by the time we had finished we had about a trailer full so we headed off to the tip.
Whilst we were separating out rubbish one skip for wood one for cardboard I spotted.....

As hubby came back towards the car he looked at me and mumbled something to the effect of "You've spotted it haven't you" "yep" I said looking at him with my I want it eye's hehehe. With that hubby turned and walked towards one of the staff and I got into the car where River was sat quite happily watching the digger squashing down the rubbish.
Next thing I knew Hubby was loading it into the trailer. Hubby had asked if he could buy it and the man said that he wasn't allowed to sell anything but that if he was quick he wouldn't see him taking it.

So Do you want to take a closer look at my new treasure / project?

are you sure?

OK then I took a couple of snaps for you.....

What do you think? Isn't that just the best winter project? It needs a small amount to wood work, the hinges needs to be put back on the front and a fair bit of painting and decorating needs doing so hopefully this will be a project that both hubby and I can do together. As I said I'm quite excited about getting started on it and I'll try and keep you updated with our progress along the way.

Oh and a quick chicken update Both Lola and Lotta are settling in well they've had great fun in today's rather damp weather digging up those tasty worms and eating every blade of grass in sight. I'll try and get some pic's tomorrow.

Anyway that's about it for now I'll try and show you some makes tomorrow.


MelMel said...

oohh...what a super find!
Lucky you!
A great winter project....x

bekimarie said...

Wow, what a find, i'm not jealous at all ;).
Great to have you on board with the swap!
Beki xxx

Sarah said...

That's amazing - what a great project to get stuck into.

Babz said...

oohhhh you lucky b****r that you are, I would love a dolls house but have nowhere to put one :0( Have fun doing it up though xxx

Hen said...

Hi Karen,
Wow, what a find in the doll's house, that's fab, how on earth could somebody just throw that out?! Can't wait to see what you do with it. There is a fabby doll's house shop in Ilminster (there was last time we went there anyway!) We went to the Yeovil car boot on Sunday but it was pretty poor to be honest, sort of wished I'd gone out for a nice roast instead!
Thanks so much for saying you will help with the smoothie hats. Hope you're enjoying making them. I found them quite addictive once I started.
Hen xxx

LissyLou said...

How lucky are you?? I'd never throw my dollshouse in the tip!!
I've got one that i'm trying to sell and one that i'm doing up to keep.

mmmmmm maybe i should start looking for goodies at the tip as a new hobby!!! ;)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

wow, thats beautiful... are you going to decorate it for Christmas?

x Alex

Mary Poppins said...

How scrumptious, well done and well done hubby for asking. It can be the luck of the drawer my hubby saw a lovely pine dresser shelf in perfect condition, and like yours asked, like you were told, the man said what he didn't see he didn't know ;)

thanks for your lovely comment, the fabric is a Michael Miller one and is very pretty :)

Look forward to seeing the doll's house project :)


joey said...

Hiya Hunny

I cannot wait to see the finished piece! gorgeous find.

Thanks for your kind words yesterday


julietk said...

Wow what a find I look forward to seeing your refurbishment.