Saturday, 31 October 2009

If your visiting our house tonight ......

If your visiting our house tonight

And fancy a treat ...

You'll have to get past the monster first lol.

Happy halloween every one.


MelMel said...


Have fun!xx

Florence and Mary said...

There's always so much baking going on in your house... those cake look worth trying my luck with the monster!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - always nice to meet new people :-)

Looks like you had a fab halloween!

Rose XXX

Kelly said...

Oh I want to go to your house!!!!!
The cakes look lovely!!! The monster not so scary!!! I think he looks pretty cute!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

bekimarie said...

Not sure how I missed this post :(
That's a very unscarey cute monster you have there 'hehe'.
Love your thinking on the bags hun ;) lol and I just saw your Thomas bean bags on Made with Love's blog, love them, I feel a make coming on and a bit of fabric shopping for Thomas fabric, any excuse 'hehe'.
Beki xxx

MrsL said...

Hi Karen - just to let you know you've won the October Giveaway at Unbought Delicacies - can you let me know what you would like, please?




Mary Poppins said...

Karen it is for the giveaway and was thrifted, very pretty :) Is a little pot stand I think.

Yes is garden wire I use a galvanised one as a little stronger. Loved the bean bags you sent Rachael, so cute :)