Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Remember me ???

I hope your all well. I'm sorry for the rather long and unintentional blogging break. My sister in law kindly reminded me during her recent visit that my last blog post was back in april ( not that she ever leaves me a comment hint hint) so I thought i'd better get my backside in gear hehehe.
So What's been going on here? well not a lot really just your normal eveyday sort of things,a bit of crafting, a bit of shopping a bit of bakeing and a couple of holidays. We had a bit of rethink about our holidaying habbits and decided that european city breaks really aren't a 3 year old's idea of a great holiday. So we took the plunge and bought ourselves a caravan ( Sorry No pic's yet I promise to take a few for you next time we go out) We've had three short breaks in it now and have all thoroughly enjoyed it despite the good old english weather but hey that's what welly's are for right!!!

You'll be pleased to hear that my creativity has not lapsed as much as my blogging so I thought I'd leave you just now with some pic's of a few of the thing's I have made over the last few months. You should be able to click on each pictureto make them bigger if you want to.

A few bit's to add to my tilda collection

Two new rectangular cushions for the bed

A newly knitted popcorn bear

Hubby and I bought this chair back at the beginning of the boot sale season. We payed just £3 for it however it was rather shabby looking with dark brown wood, broken fret work and without it's cushions. Hubby sanded it down and fixed the fret work and I painted it and made up some cushions to fit and now it's sitting pretty in our newly decorated bedroom ( I'll show you more of our bedroom in another post if you like).

A crochet rose

A new bag with some bargain £ 3.50 a meter fabric

You saw the beginning of this blanket a few months ago, well here it is all finished and I must say I really enjoyed making it, so much so that I have already started another.

A new hamma bead creation for river's bedroom

And some birthday cards and my first batch of christmas cards.

Oooops sorry I think I got a bit carried away with the photo's there hehehe.
River is back to pre school tomorrow so I'll try my best to catch up with all your blog's over the next couple of day's. Bye for now (((((hugs))))


MelMel said...

Hello, welcome back!

I've missed you!

Some lovely finds!

LissyLou said...

You have been busy!! great makes and finds xx

Isobel said...

Hi Karen,
Nice to meet you too. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment. Your blog is really cute and of course you can follow me. I will do the same.
Your creations are really sweet. Love all the Tilda's items.
Take care. x

julietk said...

Hi I just discovered your blog. I enjoyed looking at your various projects :-D Juliet

joey said...

Fantastic to see you back Karen with gorgeous creations!!! you are too talented! lol I cannot knit at all, I really should have learnt as this little one is gonna need a cardi or two come feb

quiltdude said...

Ah love your Tilda bunnies, I have some too. Looks like you've been busy enough without having to blog about it all.

Kim Dellow said...

Welcome back and what fabby makes! Kim

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

You have been very busy!You have made some lovely things.