Wednesday, 16 September 2009

National cupcake week

Are we all having a lovely day? I'm sure we all know that it is national cupcake week this week and so the results of this week's baking session with river are of course

I think I'll have to work on my icing skill's a bit though. Does anyone have a good recipe for frosting / icing they could share with me ?

I don't have many things around with cupcakes on to share with you so I thought I would show you my cup cake case collection. So here's a couple of snaps...

Just a small collection but they do seem to be multiplying quite nicely hehehe.

Anyway that's it for now. I'm sure I'll be back soon, I seem to be on a roll with this regular posting now lol.

See you all soon


Mary Poppins said...

What a gorgeous divine collection, so pretty. I love the vintage paisley ones.

Happy National Cupcake Week :)

I love the pretty tray too :)



Sarah said...

I've got a bit of a cupcake case fetish at the moment too - not sure where it comes from, although you can't beat a pretty cupcake in a nice case!

Isobel said...

You collection is just so cute. I am not the best for icing either. Still looking for a nice recipe. :)
Happy cupcake week!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Love your cupcake collection!