Thursday, 6 November 2008

cake's, trips away, christmas and a bit

Sorry it's been a little while since I last posted but to make up for that I have got lot's to show you so go and put the kettle on cause I've got the cake lol.

Some of you may know that river celebrated his third birthday at the end of the month so I had a go at making a birthday cake and ..... well... what do ya think?

I've decorated cupcake's before but never anything as big as this one but I quite enjoyed doing it and river thought it was great so I surpose that's the main thing.

Keeping to the cake theme I've been having a go at knitting some cupcake's and donut's. I haven't quite cracked it yet but here are my first attemts.

to celebrate river's birthday we took a little trip to Gent in belgum it was rather wet and cold most of the time we were there but we still had a great time....

We took a little boat trip along the canals and looked at some of the site's and took a few picture's with river's class teddy for their little scrapbook.
Oh and I'm not usually one for advetising but we stayed in a lovely little b & b, She's only got two room's but she's definatly going for quality rather than quantity.
It's little thing's like home made jam's and fresh bread and fruit juice in the mornings and taking the time to get the map's out and show us the best place's to go and of course nice clean room's and comfy bed's. If your ever planning on going to Gent please take a look at I'm sure you won't be disappointed. ( No I'm not getting commission for this lol)

Anyway what's next.... oh yeah.... I started a litle cross stitch project whilst we were away so here it is all finished...

... Not sure what I'm gonna use it for yet Maybe a little stocking filler for someone.

A little while back I won a giveaway over at 23 beech hill and when we got back from our little trip away I found a little parcel on the doormat ( sorry I forgot to take piccie's of the parcel lol) and here's what I got...

Aint those little cupcake's just the cutest. So a big thankyou for my lovely cupcake's ( I did email her previously)I love them all.

Ok so now we've got river's birthday past I feel that now's the time to be thinking about christmas so ......

My christmas quilt got finished .... and .....

I altered a paint tin and filled it with goodies ( Just three more of these to do)

And I also got these made .....

There will be some more christmas card making going on in the next couple of week's and I alway's manage to make too many so Anyone who is interested in buying (or swaping) any of my christmas cards please feel free to email me on and I'm sure we can make some arrangements.

Ok so last but not least have we all seen these little cutie's...

(picture stolen from quilty's corner's blog "sorry")
The very nice lady over at quilty's corner has shared her knitting pattern so we can create our very own cute little ziggy's and I just couldn't resist so he is....

He was quite quick to make so a little Boing might come and join him at some point
( ooops that's another thing to add to my very loooooong list of thing's to make lol)

Anyway I think I have probably boared you enough now so I'll be off and I'll speak to you all soon.


the flour loft said...

Happy 3rd Bithday to you River.
My you have been busy Karen. The cake ... it is amazing and you are way ahead of me on Christmas. Not sure if i shall get much time to make so much for the family this year, although i will do my best as i love homemade presents. I will be giving them all a book though! hee hee!
Hope you had a little calm time amoungst all the excitement.
Happy Days!
Ginny x

quiltdude said...

Hi Karen,
I just love your Ziggy, he is so cute, the star on his front is a great touch. You certainly are one busy lady, I'm going to add you to my favs. if that's ok
x Clare

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Wow, you are soo talented, well done on all your making, doing and travels, that castle looks beautiful, I like drawing fantasy pictures with castles as a backdrop...I would never have thought of going to Belgium for a holiday, mind you we havent had an actual family holiday ever, and now Les is contracting its even less likely !
The cake is wonderful and the knitted cakes are soooo sweet, I haven't forgotten about the Thomas painting, I have the canvas ready and soon as I have outlined the design I will email it to you.

Tata for now

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oo a lovely post :-)
love the cake how talented are you! and love the pudding cards they are fab !
thanks for visiting my blog :-)
lesley x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)
That pirate ship cake is fab (you should see my efforts at a rainbow cake on my blog!)

Josie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, the cake looks brilliant and I really like the christmas quilt as well, did it take long to make?
Josie x

Babz said...

Hi Karen, great to see you back hunni, you have been mighty busy and as always I love your new stuff. The cake looks scrummy and I'm sure River was a very happy bunny with it. Not been doin much myself, busy getting ready to move house :0( speak soon, Babz :0)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I love housey pics too!! You've been a very busy girl, well done!
Happy Birthday to your gorgeous River!......Claire x

MarmaladeRose said...

What a lovely post, the cake is fantastic almost a shame to cut it!
Well done with the knitted cupcakes, I wouldn't know where to start.

joey said...

Hi Karen, you have been mighty buy hun, brilliant pieces again! a very belated hb to river i am sorry i didnt know hun!. I bet he loved his cake its fantastic. you really do never fail to amaze me with what you make next!

randi---i have to say said...

There is so much loveliness here in this post! You are quite creative!

Happy birthday to your little one!

Joanne said...

Karen you are so busy all the time, there's always lots of new projects , how do you do it all?
The cake looked fantastic, bet there's none left haha.
we should try and meet up and Alex of course.
Joanne x

MelMel said...

Hello....glad to have you join in the your kitchen...the curtains are adorable!