Friday, 19 November 2010

Sad day , happy day .

Today was a sad day.

Today saw me say goodbye to three of my beloved girls.

Today saw me pack away there feeders.
Today saw me sit and think about how strange it's going to be without them.


Today also saw me remember all the fun and special time's we've shared......

Today also saw me enjoy putting a smile on a lovely ladies face.


Today saw my son come home from school with a smile on his face.
Today saw my son do his homework without causing a fuss.
And today saw my son eat all of his tea because he was calm.
Why did he do all this ????

Because today school finally decided to listen and to take the long walk to the next classroom and get my son the harder reading books that he requires!!!!!!!!! and oh boy it really does make a difference

Today is a good day

Hope you had a good one too and have a lovely weekend.

P.S I promised my good bloggy friend libbie that I'd share a photo of my latest make so ........

There you go hun xxx


Libbie said...

AHHH!!! Those are so cute Karen! & i love to see the pink & blues :) LOVE all the fabrics! You are quite amazing!

That is cool about River too! HUGE difference! I am actually struggling with that for Annie's sake too but I haven't talked to the teacher about it :) I should, like you! You are inspiring!

Sorry about the gals...I am sure it will be a little lonely without them around! Hope you are planning to get some more next year!

Good thing you put up those bibs or I would have to bug ya until you did :) Love 'em!!!

Auntie Cake said...

Love your sweet bibs. The fabrics are so delicious. Makes me want another little baby around here. But then I go to Lib's and realize the insanity of that thought...

Sorry about your sweet girls. Fum memories though.

Have a great week,

Stella Jones said...

So where have your girls gone then? Don't tell me you...? no surely not.
Love the little bibs, very colourful.
Blessings, Star

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hi Karen,
I have posted some pictures of the girls in their new Eglu and today I let htem out ot wander around hte garden for an hour before dusk... I love them... and I am hopeful they will learn to love me too! lol

So pleased to hear that the school is finally listening to you regarding River, and the bibs are fabulous... give me a shout if you want to pop over to visit the girls... I will PM via facebook my address...

take care