Wednesday, 10 February 2010

vegetables!!!!! what vegetables ?

Now I'm sure that a few of you can relate with me on this but this little man......

Just will not eat fruit and vegetables. You ask him why and he'll say " because I don't like them that's why" ( 4 year old with attitude lol).

Well , what river doesn't realise is that Mummy and daddy have been a little sneaky over the past week or so and well........

These sweets that river has been finding in his lunch box this week......

Are actually dried apricots hehehe

And this "yummy" cake that disappeared on Tuesday before I could even make the frosting.............

Was actually CARROT AND BANANA CAKE hahaha

And this chocolate cake that he just cannot wait to eat .......................

is actually chocolate and beetroot cake :-)

Mummy 1 River 0

Anyone got any other ways to help him reach his 5 a day????


VintageVicki said...

How about smoothies? Either make your own - apple juice, banana and then berries, pineapple or other soft fruit. Or you could just cheat and use the innocent smooth ones ;)

Isobel said...

Hi Karen,

I make a cheese and vegetable sauce for Joey to eat with baby pasta that I think might work with River too.
If he likes macaroni cheese than it will be easy. So here it goes the recipe for the Alien's macaroni cheese (Alien because the sauce becomes green because of the green vegetables)
Make a normal cheese sauce with butter, flour, milk and cheese and cook some vegetables, anything really, like carrots, peas, broccoli, french beans, sweetcorn, couli flower, anything you think will fit. when they are cooked, whizz them in a blender with the sauce. cook some macaroni (or any pasta really) and pour over or mix the sauce with the pasta. If he likes chicken, you could put some in the cheese/beg sauce too. It is Joey's favourite dish, and I am always sure that he is having his veg in a way that there is no tears or stress.
Let me know how it goes if you decide to have a go.

Mary Poppins said...

I like Vintage Vicki's idea and we do this a little with our 8 yr old, our 3 yr old loves vegetables but the 8 year old, flip she is fickle. As for me I love them, even brussel sprouts ;0)

Love and hugs


Floss said...

Good ones! I used to get 'banana clocks' gobbled up by my toddlers, but he's probably too old to be fooled by that one. They know it's a banana, you just cut it up into 12 circles and two hands and make it up around the plate.

I know people put lots of veg into spag bol without children noticing. There is also the issue of texture. Sometimes it's the texture that children hate, so if you cook them differently or serve them raw they sometimes taste better.

made with love said...

Smoothies. Also hide them in bolognaise type foods. Carrot flowers and monster mash My kids think dried fruit is sweets.
I am sure you have tried them all, I am loving your ways though. Heehee
Well done on your little victory.
Rachael XX

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Karen,
Good to see you posting, and I have been terrible with the emails lately. I sneak veggies into our spaghetti sauce, and to chili. Things like that. As they get older, it gets harder, they are getting suspicious on me. Hope your chickens are doing well, mine are just starting to lay again. Oh how I missed those eggs!

Libbie said...

Oooooo you are GOOD! I love it! I LOVE a sneaky mom! How did he like the chocolate cake? You are quite the baker! I can't bake too much...I'd eat it :) So it is a good thing I don't like baking :) But I do have a trip to a fab candy store planned on Saturday when my kids are gone! See...I can be sneaky too :)

River even looks bigger than he did in December! Wow He is growing! Where does the time go! This might be a stupid question but (that has never stopped me before) February 14th here is Valentine's Day...Is it there? I am guessing no but...just checking :)

Take care Karen!

Josie-Mary said...

hahaha.....well done mummy!!! :)

VintageVicki said...

Has another thought - little son went through a fussy stage and we bought him this book - Olivers fruit salad - see there are now others in the series. Little son was keen to try what he'd seen in the story - it might help River too?