Wednesday, 4 February 2009

snow, cookies and a giveaway

How are we all doing with all this snow? River was up bright and early yesterday morning shouting " it's snowing mummy, It's snowing Daddy" I don't think he's ever seen so much snow.
Hubby decided to take the day off and so much fun was had by all...

... But when we got up this morning much of our snow had turned to ice and slush River and I decided to do some indoors stuff and so these choc chip cookies were born....

There were 12 but hey who can resist a chocolate chip cookie hehehe and I'm sure there will be a lot less once hubby gets home lol

Anyway, The bit you've all been waiting for " My Blog birthday giveaway" I've been giving this a lot of thought. Some of my bloggy friends are card makers, some stitchers and others just like pretty things. So what on earth should I give away lol. Well I've come to the conclusion that I should just do the giveaway and decide what goodies to send when I know who's won (does that make sense?).
So all you need to do is the usual leave me a comment and I'll put your name in the draw. I will leave this open until next Wednesday midday and will draw the winner sometime Wednesday night.
Good luck everyone and I'll speak to you all again soon


bekimarie said...

Hi Karen,

I've just realised that you live not too far from me so your snow probably dissappeared about the same time as ours.
Cookies look yummy, they wouldn't last 5 minutes in this house.
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

How wil have a wonderful time, have you a "to buy"list?
Such fun you will have!
I was norty today and ordered the ballet pumps, but i had sold my vintage mirror...its my bit of spends!
Bless me!

Look forward to the post about your visit, will you be taking inside pic's?
So exciting!xxx

Pixiedust said...

Cookies look yummy. Thanks for the comment about my bunny, I'm itching to get it finished. Count me in for the giveaway, I love a giveaway! Our snow had melted too, but apparently we're in for some more Friday. xxxx

MelMel said...

I bet you will have loads of fun!


Ginny said...

Happy Blog birthday Karen!
The snow play looks really fun. We attempted to make an igloo in the garden yesterday... hope it snows some more as it's not finished yet!
best wishes
ginny x

cpullum said...

The snow looks so fun. We got our first snow storm in 15 years here in the High Desert in California!
It was so much fun!
Cookies look so good!

LittleGem said...

Hello, I have just found your lovely blog and will be back for more!! I would love to be added to your giveaway draw please XX Gem

MarmaladeRose said...

They look like they had lots of fun in the snow. Lots of wet clothing! As for the cookies, pass one over here!

MaryPoppins said...

Those cookies look gorgeous, i can't believe that were as many as 10 there, I would have had four :)

Thank you so much for your so so lovely words, mean so much

Lovely snowy photographs you have a cutie there, your little boy looks nice too :)

I Have won a fantastic giveaway and would not want to appear greedy so please don't have me in the hat, though I really really want to, so if you want to sneak me in then of course please feel free to do so :)




Sue said...

aww brill snowy piccies, cookies look scrummy, sue,x

Pixiedust said...

Hi Karen, thanks for popping by. The seller for that fabric is wfawspring. They have some lovely fabric. xxxxx

pink-petal-designs said...

Happy blog birthday Karen!! Had lots of snow to play in here ye so we all went sledging, its all gone today and just a sludgy mess.

Anonymous said...