Thursday, 29 January 2009

Remember me !!!!

Hiya guys
Has it really been that long since I last posted? oooops sorry lol.
Well I guess you wanna see what we've been up to then eh?
Here's a few piccie's I've taken over the last month or so .....

A visit from father Christmas at pre school.

A quick ride on a shopping trip to exeter

Dressing up

A trip to London to visit the....

The London aquarium
( sorry It appears that my camera doesn't like glass)

And we even got to take our own sleepy shark home with us lol.

A little bit of creativity

Oh and we've even had a birth in the family ( and I didn't even know she was pregnant lol)

Well Have I bored you enough yet? What do ya mean yep !!!!
I'm gonna leave it at that just now and do another post a little later because I've finished lot's of new projects I want to show you, also I've managed to pick up a few awards in my absence "AND" Guess what? Today is actually my 1st bloggy birthday so In true blogging tradition I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY.

Speak to you all in a bit

Ps. I've added a few new blogs of talent to my list over their on the right please do and take a look there all fab.

Ok I really am going now lol


Pixiedust said...

Hi Karen, welcome back and Happy Blog Birthday. Hope little henry's doing well, lol. Looking forward to seeing what you'e made. xx

joey said...

Hi Karen, welcome back I was wondering about you! happy first bloggy

pink-petal-designs said...

Hey i missed your post, glad you are back to blogging Karen! Happy blog birthday. x