Monday, 21 July 2008

Bubbles bubbles everywhere lol

I decided that I fancied having a go at making some soap this week so after finding this tutorial

Here's some of what we came up with

From front to back we have
honey and oatmeal
They all smell so yummy but I have to leave them to dry out for a whole week before I can use any of it.

I've also had another go at making myself a bag. I seem to be improving with each attempt and although it's not perfect I quite like it.

Oh and we popped over to sherbourg (spelling) for the day last Tuesday and as we came in to dock our little ferry was dwarfed by this..

"The queen Mary 2" or in rivers words "WOW mummy it's a big boat" lol
I think it's one of those things, You just don't realise how big and amazing it is until you see it in real life.

I'll try and post again this week but just in case I don't get round to it River and I are going to my mum's next week and won't have and Internet access (sob sob)
So I'll catch up with all emails etc etc when I get back.

Speak to you all soon


pink-petal-designs said...

Lookin gooood !! im still waiting for mine to dry out. Nice bag too. Have fun away!
Sarah x

saraeden said...

Ooooh your soap looks great .. i have always wanted to have a go at soap making !!

Sara x